What is Savifest

Savifest has two major aims         

1.  To encourage the promotion of wellbeing and strengthen the future prospect of young people in Scotland  (Particularly young survivors and young music and related industry professionals)

 2  To assist in sustaining and promoting the services offered to children, young people and their families by SAVI

Savifest does this by providing arenas where up and coming artists, promoters, musicians and other related professionals can benefit.   

Leading up to the main Savifest gig there are a number of smaller local gigs that form part of the selection process for the main night for artists.  This ensures maximum promotion throughout the year for the artists, SAVI and Savifest.

Our Savifest workers gain sponsorship/in kind donations for key elements of event(s) to ensure costs are kept low.  This means we have forged links with many key industry partners that help promote all aspects.  A list of all our key partners/supporters can be found on our partner page.

Our team of volunteers work hard to ensure maximum exposure for all to help promote our up and coming talent and create awareness generally.  This is done through our Savifest facebook page our written media contacts and our radio partners.

In keeping with our key aims we involve young people in planning and delivery of project

All proceeds from Savifest ticket sales and merchandise are donated to SAVI (SC040994) to help it keep it's core services open for children, youths and their families in Scotland who have suffered abuse.





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